The Shekinah

The Shekinah and The Female Principle of God, ánd The Male Principle of God.

Artist Impression of The First Goddess

The other day, I just did my groceries, and stored them into the cupboards, I was wandering around, asking my self what to do next, so many beautiful things to do. Before I even knew it, my Twin was standing next to me and led me to the bookcase and directed me to a book of Magic.

Quite interesting that book, and curious as I am, I took the book out of the bookcase, walked across the room, towards my desk, opened it, and there it was: A page concerning the Shekinah, her place, function and presence flew right into my heart. Immediately I knew, I had to write an article about this phenomenom.

My Twin smiled, saw my studying upon the subject, and my wondering about how to start. He just said: I will help you, and so he did and so it started. It took me a weekend of channeling, talking to Him and writing it down ending the project (so it felt to me) by uploading it unto my website.

My Twin started with talking to me, dictating word by word.

So here it is…..

…. Now I am taking you to the next chapter. The chapter of Knowledge and of Love.

Artist Impression

The primary organs in a female body (He usually starts in a direct manner) are the organs of Birth, of giving Birth to Humans. That (Birth giving to Humans) may sound and look like strange to you all, since there are many races existing in the Universe.

The First Universe though (not the same as the Source of All, although connected to it), was originated (as being the blueprint of it) of Humans ánd of Lions (comparable to the Lyra System). These are the Main First Races of All inhabitants of the Universe. The Humans and the Lions worked and lived together for many years, for many Eons. An Eon is a periode of time comparative to the concept of Dynasty.

During these primary years, there seemed to be an intense feeling of comprehensive knowledge (being known as Daath) between the original Races and their own knowledge. For those of you who are unaware of the concept Lion: they are the origin of the Angels, The Dynastic Family of the Gods who created on a Second Level the Humans, so as in being able to manifest their outcomes descending of the Shekinah, the Female Component of the God Principle.

She exists at the top of the Hierarchy (the Alpha) ánd at the supreme lower part of the Hierarchy (the Omega). In fact she is God herself. The Original First Mother of All. That, in fact, is the First Level of Birth.

Artist Impression: Ashera

At the Second Level, the Lions exists, since the First and the Second are exactly equal to each other, due to the fact that the Male Principle of God is originated in the Female Body of God, the Shekinah, who is giving Birth to All, and is able to forthgive Her DNA to do so.

She created a protectional part of her, to be able to protect her kin, her children. Because all DNA is inhabited in her Female Body, she chose to create at the Second Level, the Lions (who are able to protect, to direct, and to support the Female Principles and all Females). Respect is one of their highest values, as well as supporting, serving ánd directing the Mail Goal of the Universe: Evolving of Consciousness and Manifestation of Time and Matter at the End.

This might be a bit odd, because of the assumption there exists no time factor in the whole Universe, and yet there is.  

Time as being an instrument…

Time is one of the instruments to be able to direct and redirect the ultimate manifestation of Consciousness of all Humans ánd Lions (the Angels) into the last episode of this Universe (afterwards starting another one), together with its cycles of repetitive behavioural lessons in time.

Time is part of the Male Principle of God. While energy, transformation of energy, transmissions of energy (for example: giving birth to a concept, a project, a child) are being part of the Female Principle of God.

The ultimate value-manifestation of the Shekinah (Her personification is also known by the name and the story of Sophia) is giving Birth of Consciousness, materialised in Humans, while the ultimate value-manifestation of her Soulmate (whether you may call him Christ or God) is to materialize its Self and to be a supportive and a co-operating, as well as a co-creating aspect of the Shekinah, both being using the manifestations of themselves of the original Second Level.

In Kabbalistic therms, they are known by Kether and Malkuth. Allthough these terms may slightly differ of the original meaning of the concept of God and the personifications of the Male and Female Principles during different periodes of time, due to changes in the given descriptions of the meaning of the concept by teachers.

Artist Impression of the Blue Print

The Copy of the Original Blue Print

So Humans happen to be very important in this process, which might be a reason why races originated later on in the traject tried to copy them.

One of the Highly Evolved Spirits, who was given birth at a lower level in the form of the Principle of Destruction (originally designed to give a base (we call it a matrix nowadays due to its effects now) to the energy as in order to let it flow and exist in a moving and directed order, constantly being able of the birth process: giving birth to a child, let go of the child so it is able to evolve itself in evolution, growing up and gaining consciousness. Being able to repeat this cycle (in as: being able to stop a cycle and start it all over again), instead of an endless floating with energy without creating and giving birth, started to change his way of being and character.

In the beginning he was born and meant to assist the Father or The Male Principle, with His role as the Great Director. Later on he got jealous because of his ‘lower’ rank. He started to blow over his blueprint and began to destruct the whole Principle of Creation and Evolution.

He used his knowledge to his own, different agenda and created copy-based decsendants. Copy-based since it concerned the use of Knowledge and Creation in his own changed way. He wanted to serve himself, instead of serving the All.

He is also known as the Demiurg, his principle is known als Geburah.

And the Story continues ….

For eons and eons the Original Mother and Father tried to communicate with him, and to reinstall the original blueprint. They are, as a matter of fact, still working on this ‘Project’.

To explain more about what has happened later on, I refer to another article by me, you are able to find it at my website: It is called: ‘Verdrinkingsdood.’

Another story comparing to this article, you may find as well by following the link: It’s a Christmas Carol, in as being a Love Story.

At the end of times, The Shekinah (Binah or Sophia) and her partner and soulmate, Christ (or Chokhmah) will be unified again into the ultimate manifestation on earth, after they have been unified as Cosmic Partners previously.

The End is dooming in the mist…

Splendor Solis: The Moon & Sun by Laurie Lipton

It has been quite some story all these eons, and yet, though the End is dooming in the mist at the horizon, it hasn’t been finished now, nonetheless, soon it twill be. It is a story started by the First Couple of All and being manifestd as the story for All, since They have chosen to work and live according to the principle of Service to Others instead of Serving Themselves. Don’t let you be misunderstood by this. We all are related (more or less, due to the actions of the Principle of Geburah) to the First Couple: Christ and Christess.

Nevertheless we should be taking care of each one of us and especially of the Creation of All (Earth and All her Inhabitants as well as the Universe and its Inhabitants).

Every friendly word, gesture, deed or smile, based upon the principle of Service to Others (All) and of Love, will assist the All and every single member of the All.

We are the ones they have been waiting for, this statement has been made for several times, in fact, it is true. They are waiting for Us, and please do not underestimate yourself nor accuse yourself of failing if you are trying so hard, and, then it doesn’t succeed immediately.

Take up your responsibility, do not let go of enfacing yourselves with your lessons, and benefits due to your lessons learned in former lives, ánd in this life.

Just go on and never give up! It is hard, but, at the end, it is worth it. Reconsider this concept over and over again: the process is the most important ánd interesting part to be in, in order to achieve a result we All benefit of.

Coming Together…

Thank you so much!

With Love, Michael

Channeled by ©Isis Ishtara

March 13th, 2016

®Auteurswet Artikel 15/1.4

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