The Michael Family

The Return of the Michael Family

30 september 2013 om 3:13

We are back: The Return of the Unity of The Mother Goddess, and the Michael Family.

When we created the universe, first of all, we started with creating ourselves, a personification of God in all its aspects and qualities. The energy, (the female aspect) and the form (the male aspect), we needed, was given to us by the Goddess,( who is definitely there, and is also the First of All, the Mother-Goddess).

We created our kin, our intimate friends: our sisters and brothers. Then the angels came, and all the light-beings and all the ones (whether it be the Triades, the Spiritual Hierarchies, Comic Intelligence Forms, Rainbow Warriors, or Teachers, Leaders and Healers, we needed to create and organize the university. So it has been done with all the universes we created before. We needed help from our friends. So we created the Logos, the Ones we needed to create order and keep order in this universe. They were there, just because we wanted them to be there. They were already there, but they got form and identities, just because we wanted them to be. Then we created a Council, they were the first aspects with legitimacy to handle, together with us. The First Gods existed and they were there and found out what the concept or theme should be in this universe. We wanted the souls, who split and were born from our existence and energy to be born. We wanted to give them an identity and reason to be, so that they would be able to create and versify themselves. Just like children, they needed to evolve and grow up, and so they did. They were given every possibility to do so, and so they did. We needed to raise them, as a mother and a father do. We wanted to take care of our children. They were ignorant, and innocent, and had no consciousness of themselves.

We knew that on their way of growing up, they would make mistakes, and also they would get successes. We stayed, and stay in touch with them, like in a family of unity. We wanted to keep our family safe and sound, and we wanted them, like a pair of parents, to keep on the right track, so we gave them matrices to live in. We gave them rules of life, so that every soul would get the opportunity to be and to evaluate oneself in their growing up process. We wanted them to be Gods again, to be able to create their own universe, in a sacred and safe way, like the Mother-Goddess with all her aspects and qualities thought us to do so.

The Joy of The Lord by Greg Olsen
The Joy of The Lord by Greg Olsen

So we began the long journey of living and growing up together. We supported our family with all we could do, and with all they needed. And the family grew up and became large. Larger than we ever hoped for. In that way, this experiment, so we called it, for we were both incertain and concerned of the way it would happen, like all parents do, became larger and more expended than we thought it would be. We were happy to see so.

We did create ourselves from out of the womb of the Mother-Goddess. The Goddess of All, and She stayed in touch with both of us and all of our sisters and brothers, also, each of them with different goals and high-lighted qualities in themselves. Each of them confronted with different universes and creations. In this big family, like in all families, we encountered our disagreements, just because we all did have our different goals, qualities and visions. And yet, we were and are all one. From out of the oneness, the identities already existed. The energy is eternal and will be eternal, the creation is formed and created out of the energy and gets its form just by wanting and caring within the concept of sacredness, unity and connection with the origin, the Source of All, the Great Great Mother Goddess, who floats and fluctuates in her own atmosphere with all her needs and capcities.

In our family, the family we created, the Michael Family, to be precise, and to be understandable, is just one of the families who were created. But that is another story, about which we will be telling you some other time.

It is important to realize that in every family with all such beautiful and various individuals and personifications of the First and Ever Being Soul of Source of All, there will always be differences. Some parts of it develop in a different way and form and level than other personifications do. But, do realize, we are all part of one Big, Great, Very Very Large Family, keep that in remembrance!

We also encountered our problems during the process of raising our children. The moment you create, is always a part of the original Source, a selection with qualities.. Even,you could see it as a copy. You can tap from the Source, qualities come along, and qualities stay, but, in fact, every part of the selection stays, so it will stay in an eternal shape: A (qualities carrying) Womb. Nevertheless a Holy and Sacred Creation selected out of the One, Great First of All Source. Always remember that.

To evolve oneself means keeping in touch with that One Great First of All Source and ask what you need. It will provide a solution. It will give the very specifications of what you need: in every soul you meet, in every problem you encounter, in every mountain of hinder you experience, it will provide all the answers you need.

Every time we are there for you, and every moment you need us or one of Ours, every Elder and every Light being still knows the way Home, and is willing to help you in your process of finding your way home.

We will be happy to receive and embrace you and help you, together with our sources of help, let it be a Council of Karma, or a High Process Organization of LightWorkers, or a High defined Council of Lightworking Beings, who live in the darkest spaces throughout the whole Universe. Just to be there for you, to help, and to receive the ones who ask.

Remember our advises of how one is growing up, and let one each other in their own behaving way of growing up, and getting Divine Consciousness again. Let there be peace in your mind and actions. Nevertheless do not pass any borders of righteousness, and remember your holiness.

Act like you feel a higher creation would do, in helping each other, so that you are able to return home, meet your soulmates, and meet this high level again, so you are able to get our blessing, and create your own universe.

The journey of life had become a very long journey. We experienced different kind of difficulties and hinder, just because growing up creates its own boundary-aspected arguments, like in all family happens. Because of our experience and being the ones you are looking and longing for, don’t hesitate to ask us, to ask us for advice.

In the meantime, during that very long journey one might say we have not been silent and not acting creators. We have been encountering all of what you encountered, and created all kinds of solutions, stationaries of help on different levels and stages in the whole immense universe growing bigger and bigger, just because so much space was need to give living space which was needed by our big family and also, by every visitor of other universes, who came over to learn of all of us, and all of our experiences.

Yes, we know, in the evolution of mankind and souls, there has been forms (and they still are), who created the concept of killing and destroying populations. The dualistic concept in its most wide and far out deep manifestation, we encountered, more than numerous times, starting in the very first beginning of our creation, and seemingly never ending, yet is still coming to an end.

Just because you want it to be. It is in your very own interest to execute your wishes and know… know you do have got the abilities and powers to end it. No one can end it but yourselves. Don’t think in concepts of good or bad, just think and feel and remember you have to the ability to reach out and touch the Holy Sacred Mother of All, who do can give the answer to all your questions and difficulties. Ask, and you will be given, whether it will be trough our channel(s), or whether it will be through one of our created solutions of co-operated Lightworkers in a Galactical Federation of Light and evolved Light-beings, together with your unified higher selves, who are waiting for you, in an active state so to speak, or whether it be through our incarnated Higher Selves stationed upon the great Spiritual guided plane, called Earth, of Terra (as we call it).

There are so many Spiritual Hierarchies of Souls who have lived their lives, (and still do), and encountered their problems as well, and are willing to share with you their experiences and give you the advice you need. Just ask, and you will be given. Don’t ask out of wish to rule or conquer and divide. Feel like you want to behave another one, like you would be treated.

The ones who took, during the evolution of souls and who created the species who do as described above, are given the answers we feel they need to evolve to species who are able, and willing to cooperate and live together with their brothers and sisters. We did create a council, a tribunal for that specific being of life.

We stride along side with you, to help our mutual goals to be achieved, just because you want them to be achieved. You may ask us, the ones of our family who are here, and also who are elsewhere, everywhere, they are needed, ask within your ultimate wish and intention to create new life out of your sacred holy space and you will be given.

Yes , we are here, always have been, and always will be, just because of you, the one, in fact, we are and will be.

Thank you,

In deepest caring for you all, Isis in cooperation and co-being with Lord Michael